Here are some suggestions...
These are what we personally use and have found over time "Works"


We feed :
ProPac Mini Chunk

(There is a link to find it local or online,

 in the menu)

We do NOT recommend puppy food, if your puppy is healthy. Puppy food has too high of protein which can cause problems gastricly &  aesthetically As well as change growth patterns.

We NEVER recommend Grain free feed.


Chews & Toys

When puppies are teething (8wks, 12 wks and 8mo-9 mo) their teeth/gums hurt

and chewing soothes this. We are somewhat old school We DO use rawhides with caution: when they get small or soft enough to be swallowed we take them away.



as well as Antlers, Hoof, Ears and Bully sticks

we suggest unflavored in these as they can be smell and sometimes cause gas.


The favorite toy (yes everyone’s)

Kong Wubba Dog Toy



Small (or Xsmall for now)




Always a good idea...

we just share a bite of our favorite (no artificial sweetener EVER) yogurt with them and that way they think its an extra special treat.



Yes your puppy will have been litter box trained also just in case you are in an apartment or somewhere confined for any period of time.

We use a large cat litter box or a bunny hutch plastic tray bottom 

with pine bedding pellets from TSC or any feed farm store.


America's Choice Bedding Pellets BEDDING-PELLETS




We use a wire or the crate your puppy was shipped in. 


Feed & Water

We feed twice a day 1cup they may not eat it all.

If they do eat it all at one sitting increase the amount till they leave just a little.

Fresh water out all day.

We feed 2nd feeding around 6pm. 

We pick up food at 7pm

and water at 8pm. 

our last trip outside to potty being 10 or 10:30 pm

Then directly to bed in crate.

You should have no to minimal accidents this way as they have had plenty of opportunities to relive themselves.

*Remember to put your water back down first thing in the morning 

Also Remember this is an infant puppy, food in means food out & water in means water out and yes that fast.

Along with

We have been taking your puppy out side once an hour during the day to help reinforce this. 


*Remember the potty box if you can not duplicate the once an hour potty breaks.


Hope this helps, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or text!!

Tina @3Laussies


Below is a great educational read , it is long but worth the time

"Me The Australian Shepherd" 

The Australian Shepherd
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