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Whats the difference?

Mini American Shepherd vs Australian Shepherd


3Laussies produces Quality Australian Shepherds of ALL sizes. Australian shepherds are not genetically a new breed.... Aussies have been around in all size since pre 1970 from medium 14in to 18in, large 18in plus and small 14in and under. The sizes are now mostly known to people as Mini Aussies, Standard Aussies and Toy aussies.

Our Aussies are AKC Registered as Australian Shepherds 100%!

Sizes in aussies have always been present, size distinction is not recognized at this time through AKC in Australian Shepherds, however the AKC breed standard for Australian Shepherds is listed as a preferred size



***PLEASE, PLEASE do your research...AKC Australian Shepherds & AKC Miniature American Shepherds are NOT the same breed, these are two separate breeds with very similar genetics *****

They CAN NOT be bred together and produce registrable offspring through AKC*** Unfortunately their are some unscrupulous breeders who will not be explicitly clear in what they are trying to sell you... by just using the term mini aussie or MAS which is highly used by the Miniature American Shepherd.


ASDR( American Stock Dog Registry) is our second registry and they do allow for size distinction.


What does all of this political jargon mean to you or how does it affect you and your dog....its really pretty simple!

If you want to do conformation shows with AKC, you will show your dog in the same ring with and against all sizes of Australian Shepherds.

If you Show your Australian Shepherd in conformation with ASDR, IABCA, ICE, IMASC, MASCA, you will only show against other Australian Shepherds in your size variety in

toy 13in and under,

14in -18in mini


18in + as a standard size

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