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"Timberlines Bits of Blue"

Bits is also available to an approved home only! 

We will consider letting her leave spayed or on a very limited breeding rights contract.

Why would we let her go, you ask?

We have kept back several of Bits daughters

 Bit's came to us at the same time Shock did and played just as big of a roll honestly was in turning our program around. She is a very well behaved non-problematic female who is house trained, crate trained, does not dig out, run away or try and escape. She loves everyone, has GREAT manners, obedient and is a phenomenal mother who will steal & raise any puppies you will allow her too. Bit's is always easy going, laid back & happy. We would like a  small family home where she can be the center of attention, with all the love and pampering you can give.. Do you have children who would like to learn to show , do rally or even try agility..this might just be the girl for you. 

Current on all vaccinations & parasite prevention

Bits stands at 15in tall

8 years old - Born 04/03/2011

Genetic tested clear for:

  HC n/n,  Pra/Prcd n/n, MDR1 n/n, CH n/n, CMR1 n/n, CEA n/n, CD n/n. 

*DM n/M (one copy only)


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